Mission Statement

FANA’s mission is to preserve the rural character and natural resources of the Fisherville area and to represent the organization’s views with government agencies. We seek to ensure that new development is consistent with our goals, meets reasonable guidelines and includes sufficient infrastructure with input from the community. FANA seeks a plan to guide development that is to organized and balances growth with preservation.

Plan First - Then Build

Current Affairs

  • 1,390-lot Subdivision and Commercial Development Planned for Fisherville

    In January 2016, an application was filed for Covington by the Park, a 1,390-lot subdivision and commercial development on Taylorsville Lake Road. This article from the Courier-Journal provides additional information: Huge Housing Project set for Southeast Jefferson. The preliminary plan intended a conservation subdivision along with commercial development. If these plans are implemented, this will by far be the largest subdivision ever build in this area. On December 30, 2016 the application was withdrawn. Read More...

  • Floyds Fork Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Capacity

    In 2012 and 2013, an extensive study and stakeholder engagement process was conducted to assess the TMDL for Floyds Fork. Although the results for the pathogen TMDL were completed, unfortunately the nutrient models were not finished, even though the study was mandated by a federal lawsuit. The study contains valuable information and data necessary to guide development in the Floyds Fork watershed. Efforts are underway to initiate a plan to have the results released.

    For additional information see: How to Kill a Louisville Stream? Build a City Around It

  • New Floyds Fork Area Study

    In 2015, Metro Planning and Design Services, with support from Metro Councilman Stuart Benson, announced plans to conduct a new Floyd's Fork Area Study. Plans to hire a consultant are underway and a decision is expected in Spring 2017.Read More...

About Us

The Fisherville Area Neighborhood Association (FANA) is a non-profit corporation established in 2009. At that time, hundreds of people joined together to form a group that would represent the community’s interests, especially in guiding future development.

FANA is composed of individuals, homeowner associations and businesses in the defined area. An annual community meeting, open to the public, is conducted each fall usually in September/October. The program includes such topics as an annual report from the Board of Directors, discussion about current areas of interest, presentations by local and state government officials and comments and announcements from those attending.

During the annual meeting, Board Members are elected who provide accountability, approve changes in policies, bylaws and board membership, and elect officers.

Officers are elected by the Board to conduct the daily and financial operations of the organization. The Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary make up the Executive Committee. They are joined by the communications director, who manages the website and social media.

Board Meetings are held at least quarterly or more often if needed. Special committees or work groups are formed as needed to address current issues or areas of interest.


The FANA defined area is in Jefferson County. The area is bounded by I-64 to the north; Shelby and Spencer Counties to the east; Bullitt County to the south; and I-65, Seatonville, Broad Run and Broad Run Creek roads to the west.


The FANA area includes fourteen home owner associations/subdivisions:

  • Canterbrook Farms
  • Catalpa Farms
  • Crystal Valley
  • Deer Trace
  • Derbyshire
  • Dunbar Springs
  • Estates of Bradbe Forest
  • Fisherville Woods
  • Hickory Hills
  • Homestead Trace
  • Hunt Country
  • Plum Creek
  • Ridge Wood Farms
  • Wilderness Trail


Please use the form below to submit comments. You can also email us directly at FishervilleANA@gmail.com or mail us at PO Box 56, Fisherville, KY 40023.